What You Need to Know About Fluoride Treatments and Dental Sensitivity

What You Need to Know About Fluoride Treatments and Dental Sensitivity

Have you noticed that your teeth or gums are suddenly more sensitive when you brush your teeth? Or maybe it only happens when you eat or drink hot or cold food. Whatever the reason, there’s one thing that every scenario will have in common: Dental sensitivity is not something that should be ignored.

Neither is it something that you should consider as unimportant and try to treat with over-the-counter products. Why not? Because your body is trying to tell you that something is wrong with the enamel of your teeth or the health of your gums – and when that happens, it’s a cry for help to seek treatment from a dentist near you.

If you believe that over-the-counter products can treat your condition the same as a visit to the dentist, you may want to remember that retail products do not contain the same level of protection that medical-grade treatments provide. So instead of buying a product off the shelf and “hoping” that you’ll get relief from your symptoms, why not make a decision that offers 100 percent performance?

Another Reason to Consider Professional Treatment for Sensitive Teeth

You may have heard about or read about topical fluoride treatments from a dentist near you in Irvine, CA, and thought the procedure was used only in children’s dentistry. But there’s something you should know. Although they are typically recommended for preventative pediatric dental care, many adults are also benefiting from them for treatment of sensitive adult teeth and general protection for their oral health.

How Fluoride Treatments Can Help with Dental Sensitivity After You’ve Bleached Your Teeth at Home

Anyone who is experiencing chronic dental sensitivity can benefit from fluoride treatments from their local Irvine dentist. Great Park Dental utilizes topical fluoride to prevent unexpected dental sensitivity for patients who have used tooth whitening products that were not delivered in a professional dental office.

If you’ve been utilizing over-the-counter whitening products and have now noticed that your teeth seem more sensitive than they were before using them, a quick one-appointment fluoride treatment will help prevent the damage that may have occurred in using non-professional whitening products.

Some Medications and Medical Treatments Can Also Cause Tooth Sensitivity

Certain medications and medical treatments such as radiation can contribute to a condition known as dry mouth. When this happens, patients may experience increased bacteria in their mouths as well as weakened tooth enamel.

While it’s always important for patients to adhere to a twice a year schedule of dental exams and professional dental cleanings, it’s especially important that anyone who is experiencing dental sensitivity visit their dental care team to determine whether or not they’d benefit from fluoride treatments.

Your regular dental exams and professional cleaning appointments also provide a great opportunity for you to update your dental care team on the medications that you are taking, especially if you’re getting them from different pharmacies who may not have a complete drug profile or understand how certain interactions can impact tooth sensitivity.

The Process is Simple, Pain-Free, and Affordable

Fluoride treatment for adults is a simple, pain-free, and affordable one. Even if you live a very busy daily life, a dentist near you can provide you with a fluoride treatment in as little as 30 minutes.

That means that even the busiest working adult or parent can find time to receive treatment in one appointment today that could save time and money on more complex procedures being needed down the road.

Remember, if your teeth are screaming about their sensitivity, they’re also screaming for attention. Doesn’t it just make smart sense to make one appointment today for a fluoride treatment versus the alternative of multiple appointments in months to come for more complicated treatment options?

Personalized Treatments from Great Park Dental

Our promise to every patient is that we will work with you one-on-one to develop a personalized treatment plan that helps you strengthen your smile, including the use of oral or topical fluoride therapies to stop tooth sensitivity, if needed. Please make an appointment today if you’d like to learn more about fluoride therapy or any of the other oral health care services available from Great Park Dental.

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