What to Do If You Have an Unplanned Dental Emergency?

What to Do If You Have an Unplanned Dental Emergency?

The need for emergency dental care may arise at any time causing people to panic and send them researching for the dentist near me when they realize an emergency is about to occur. Knowing what to do and where to go for a dental emergency can be frightening and difficult to think about at that particular moment. It would be better if people had information about how the dental emergency should be handled or where can find the help they need beforehand before the emergency occurs.

In this article, we will be discussing where one should go when experiencing a dental emergency. It will be beneficial to know all the options that are available in such cases. Continue reading to understand how you can handle a dental emergency appropriately.

When You Can Go for Emergency Dental Care

Emergency dental care can often be received at an emergency dentist’s office or even in the emergency room of a hospital. Emergency dentists often set aside time from their hectic schedules and you can visit them if your regular dentist’s office is closed for the day. Below we will go over both an emergency dentist’s office as well as the emergency room at a hospital to make you aware of what’s right for you.

The Office of the Emergency Dentist

An emergency dentist’s office acts as an urgent care facility and is available almost everywhere in case of emergencies. These offices are generally open for longer hours during the day and more days than the traditional dentist. The staff working at these offices have received training to manage emergencies that require dental work to be conducted immediately.

Dental emergencies may involve severe pain, a knocked-out tooth, cracked or chipped tooth and these are the dental problems that can be addressed by the emergency dentist. People that incur injuries to the mouth where the teeth are also affected can receive the treatments needed at such facilities.

Emergency Rooms at a Hospital

People can also visit an emergency room at a hospital for treatment for an emergency that hasn’t affected the teeth. However, people must understand that the staff at emergency rooms are not legally authorized to treat dental emergencies which must only be done by a qualified dentist. People can only expect to receive treatment for any trauma they are facing for anything but their teeth. They will only receive medications to relieve them from the pain but will thereafter have to contact an emergency dentist to deal with their dental problems.

A visit to the emergency room will become necessary if people notice any trauma to the face, neck or the jawbone. In all other situations, it is suggested that people look for the dentist in Irvine, CA, who can provide the treatment they need immediately upon being contacted.

What Can People Do If They Need an Emergency Dentist on a Holiday

Dentists have realized dental emergencies do not announce themselves before affecting anyone. They have therefore made arrangements to work extra hours every day and even on holidays despite having hectic schedules. They have also invested in state-of-the-art communication technology to provide patients with instructions on how they can manage an emergency. Patients that call the number of the dentist will receive detailed instructions on how to manage the situation or may even receive a call back from the dentist inquiring about the kind of emergency they are encountering.

Green Park Dental suggests patients avoid emergencies as best possible by taking preventive measures beforehand. Using a mouthguard when participating in sports and keeping track of any problems in their mouths can easily help people to avoid seeking emergency treatment. However, people will be required to get over their dental phobia and visit their regular dentist once in six months for checkups and exams without exception. It is perhaps the only method available to the dentist to check for and treat any problems that may eventually come to the fore as an emergency. It is indeed surprising that people begin searching for an emergency dentist when struck by a toothache or have a damaged tooth for any reason but avoid visiting the dental office for routine checks and exams. Perhaps a change in the thinking of people is essential because emergency dental treatment is also provided by a dentist who is often a feared individual.

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