What Can Be Expected Before, during and after Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

What Can Be Expected Before, during and after Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Your wisdom teeth can create chaos on your body despite there being no reason for them to be in your mouth. It is the reason why the dentist in Irvine, CA, recommends people undergo a wisdom tooth removal procedure even if it is not causing them any problems. It is a different matter that the advice is often ignored by most people who believe the wisdom teeth can remain in the mouth without realizing they can cause them problems in the future if they are not extracted as per tooth extractions in Irvine, CA.

Wisdom Teeth Can Create Chaos in Your Mouth When Least Expected

You may not remember where your wisdom teeth are located because they are not necessary for your overall chewing ability. Many people do not even develop them but if you have them in your mouth they will be pushing through your gums perhaps in your 20s and sometimes even impacted. They try to squeeze into a spot with insufficient room and crowd the rest of the teeth. They may even erupt at an angle of flat on their sides remaining trapped in the jawbone rather than erupting fully. These problems can lead to complications like pain, damage to the nearby teeth, and fluid-filled cysts.

They make it difficult for you to clean your teeth properly making you a candidate for the condition of periodontitis which can leave you with painful and swollen gums with bleeding and bad breath. Wisdom teeth cause discomfort even when they erupt normally but if they become infected for some reason you have a people problem on your hands. The only way to deal with this problem would be to consider wisdom teeth removal because it is the best method to avoid this painful rigmarole.

Getting Wisdom Tooth Extracted

When you opt for wisdom tooth extraction service the dentist will be conducting an examination and also take x-rays irrespective of whether you are feeling any pain or not. The dentist will be trying to understand how the wisdom teeth are positioned and the kind of space you have in your mouth to allow them to grow. If you are experiencing any symptoms or your dentist anticipates any problems with the wisdom tooth you will be required to schedule an appointment for the teeth removal. The procedure will be conducted by the dentist or an oral surgeon after determining the positioning of the teeth and the experience of the dentist who recommends this procedure.

The Procedure Shouldn’t Hurt Thankfully Because of Sedation

Even though you believe that the procedure will cause plenty of pain it can leave you rather surprised without any pain because of sedation dentistry. You may be administered local anesthesia or even general anesthesia depending on how difficult the surgeon believes the procedure will be. You may be asked to refrain from eating or drinking anything a few hours before the procedure.

After the anesthesia has taken hold and your ability to feel any pain has been numbed your dentist or oral surgeon will use dental instruments to loosen and disconnect the tissue around the wisdom teeth before popping them out. The dentist conducting the procedure will not be using a hammer or any other mechanical tools to pound out the wisdom tooth other than the dental instruments they are using. However, in some cases, they may decide to divide the teeth into sections before the extraction. The procedure requires finesse rather than force on the part of the dentist during the extraction. The surgical sites may be stitched and gauze put over the wound to promote clotting.

How to Make Wisdom Tooth Removal Easy on Yourself?

The procedure for wisdom tooth removal will not be a disaster but some care after teeth removal will certainly be required to make it easy on yourself. You will be suffering from mild discomfort and in certain cases even from extreme pain against which you need safeguards. You can perhaps consider taking a day off work if you are experiencing swelling and pain after the procedure. The level of difficulty you face will depend on whether you just had a single wisdom tooth removed or the entire set of four and how impacted they were. Your gums will be sore for about a week but your dentist would have prescribed medications for the pain which should provide the relief you need. You may also be recommended to have soft foods for some days after the removal depending on the severity of your extraction.

Wisdom tooth removal in the early stages is the best possible option if you do not want to encounter problems in the future. If you still have the wisdom teeth in your mouth and are not certain what you should be doing about it you are suggested to contact the wisdom tooth extraction service in Irvine that can help you develop a sound plan for them.

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