Women and Periodontal Health in Irvine, CA

You might be wondering why we have information specific to women and periodontal health in addition to general information about periodontal disease and periodontal treatment. The answer is simple. The hormonal fluctuations that occur in a woman’s lifetime – beginning at puberty and lasting through menopause – can impact her oral health and require special dental care.

Simply put, women and periodontal health in Irvine is always an important matter and women are advised to consult their dentist well in time so the dental and oral health can be maintained.

How Puberty May Affect Long-Term Oral Health in Women

When a female reaches puberty, there is a natural increase in the production of certain hormones which can also affect her gum sensitivity. Because of this, some girls may not brush or floss with the same diligence that they had been practicing. This reduction in oral hygiene practices can result in food particles becoming trapped between teeth – the leading culprit of gum disease.

The Potential for Gum Disease in Irvine, CA Continues for Women into Adulthood

Menstruation, oral contraceptives, and pregnancy can also present an increased risk of periodontal disease in women. During menstruation, some women experience sores on the insides of their cheeks along with red and swollen gums. Similar sensitivities and tenderness also accompany the use of oral contraceptives and pregnancy. Because of these issues, women can sometimes become laxer in their oral hygiene routine which then opens the door for plaque and bacteria to develop in the gums. One way to counter the impact is to maintain a regular professional tooth cleaning in Irvine, CA with the dental care team at Great Park Dental.

Menopause is More Than Hot Flashes

Most women know what to expect from their menopausal years: weight gain and hot flashes. But one thing many women don’t expect is a change in the look and feel of their mouths. Changes can include a burning sensation in their gum tissues as well as dry mouth. By adhering to regular dental exams in Irvine, CA and professional teeth cleaning, these changes can be treated before they advance into periodontal disease.

Great Park Dental Cares About Women’s Health

As a multi-specialty dentist in Irvine, CA, the caring and professional staff of Great Park Dental are committed to providing exemplary dental care to every patient – but we also understand the unique needs of women when it comes to their dental health. Make an appointment for a dental consultation, oral exam, or professional tooth cleaning today!

For any detailed information on women and periodontal health near you book an appointment with dentist at Great Park Dental today.

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