Oral Hygiene in Irvine, CA

The result from effective oral hygiene is a healthy mouth. A healthy mouth means that teeth are clean and free of debris, gums are pink and painless and bad breath is not a constant problem.

The doctors and the team of oral healthcare professionals at Great Park Dental, located near you in Irvine, want to educate their patients, current and new, on the components of an effective oral hygiene regimen.

A dentist and the hygienist will help patients establish effective care techniques and will advise of areas within the mouth needing extra attention when brushing and flossing.

Finding someone who can provide you not only the right assistance but also the required help is exactly what is needed. Also, for oral hygiene near you book an appointment with dentists at Great Park Dental today.

Effective Oral Hygiene

The most important thing one can do for the health of teeth and gums is to maintain a consistent oral care regimen. A healthy mouth not only makes one feel confident, but also makes it possible to eat and speak properly. Oral health is a component of overall physical health.

An effective oral hygiene routineis comprised of regular dental check-ups and daily preventive care. The habit of brushing and flossing will prevent dental conditions from progressing.

The At-Home Routine

The list below contains simple at-home actions to greatly reduce the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and other conditions.

  • Brush thoroughly twice each day
  • Floss at least once each day
  • Eat a balanced, high-protein diet
  • Avoid snacking between meals
  • Use dental products that contain fluoride
  • Rinse with a fluoridated mouth rinse, if recommended
  • Make sure children under age 12 take a fluoride supplement if serviced by a non-fluoridated water supply

When consistent oral hygiene is not practiced and dental conditions are left untreated, there will eventually be irreparable damage to the teeth, the jawbone and the supporting structures. This damage will lead to tooth loss.

If you have concerns about an existing dental condition, or if you would like a consultation regarding the importance of effective oral hygiene, then please contact the oral healthcare professionals at Great Park Dental, located in Irvine, where new patients are always welcome.

Great Park Dental is trusted and highly recommended in general dentistry, as well as treatments and procedures in the restorative and cosmetic specialties. For any services relating oral hygiene in Irvine or other nearby locations like East Irvine, Orangetree, Oak Creek, Woodbridge, Cypress Village, Woodbury, and Stonegate, book an appointment with the dentists at Great Park Dental.

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