Tooth Extractions in Irvine, CA

As much as it may seem that everyone would know when they needed to have a tooth pulled – most commonly because of wisdom teeth – you might have questions about a situation that you’re facing right now that does not involve your wisdom teeth. If so, keep reading to learn more about why teeth need to be extracted and how Great Park Dental is the best for tooth extraction in Irvine.

Does a person ever need a dental extraction in Irvine without having any symptoms? Yes. It’s quite common for people to need a dental extraction without even knowing how serious the condition is. One example of this is crowded teeth. However, if you consult your dentist regularly for dental checkup then you will be able to get a detailed report on your teeth health.

Why do crowded teeth present a problem to a person’s oral health? The condition of crowded teeth most often needs to be addressed in pediatric dentistry so children’s adult teeth can grow in straighter. However, crowded teeth also need to be addressed in adult dentistry since an over-crowded mouth can make it more difficult for patients to properly clean which in turn can result in increased cavities.

For the best tooth extraction near you get in touch with us at Great Park Dental and let the certified doctors carry out the procedure on you.

What’s an impacted tooth? When a tooth becomes impacted – most commonly seen in a patient’s wisdom teeth – it means the tooth has stopped its progress to grow in naturally and comfortably. An impacted tooth can also cause discomfort to the gums and nerves, both of which can be painful for many patients.

Why else would a patient need to have a tooth extracted? There are many other reasons that a dentist may recommend a tooth extraction in Irvine – such as an infected or damaged tooth that cannot be restored by other methods. In cases such as this, a tooth is more prone to infection which in turn can cause other, more complicated, dental issues if not addressed sooner rather than later. Great Park Dental’s primary goal is to help patients maintain their natural teeth whenever possible, but there are times when a tooth removal is the best treatment plan. You can rest assured that all treatment options will be investigated and thoroughly discussed with you prior to any tooth extraction.

You can be rest assured that we will perform a dental extraction in Irvine only when it needed the most; in other cases we try to fix the tooth for any minor problems.

What’s the bottom line on dental extractions? Unfortunately, a tooth extraction is often necessary for many patients at one point or another throughout their lifetime. The good news is that if the tooth that’s being removed is an important one to your self-confidence, it can be restored in its appearance and functionality with a dental implant in Irvine.

Is there a key takeaway that Great Park Dental recommends? It’s always recommended that patients take a pro-active stance in their dental care, so if you think your smile could benefit from a dental extraction, it’s preferred that you make an appointment for a dental exam sooner rather than later.

Other than Irvine you can also call us for tooth extraction services in other locations including East Irvine, Orangetree, Oak Creek, Woodbridge, Cypress Village, Woodbury, Stonegate.

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