Endodontics Treatment in Irvine, CA

As a multi-specialty dental practice that provides endodontic treatment, Great Park Dental’s commitment to every one of our patients is to help them restore their self-confidence by restoring their smile in Irvine.

We pledge the best endodontics treatment near you and thus use the bets in class equipment to make things possible.

Saving a Tooth is Our Top Priority

Great Park Dental only uses state-of-the art technology and the latest procedures to provide care for our patients. In the not-too-distant past, if a tooth became infected, one of the only options a dentist had was to remove it. However, with the advances in training and technology that Great Park Dental has incorporated into our practice, we have shifted the standard to saving teeth whenever possible. One of the ways a tooth can be saved is through root canal therapy.

How a Root Canal in Irvine Can Save a Tooth

Not only can root canal therapy preserve a tooth for a lifetime, but it’s also considered an extremely successful treatment with more than a 95% success rate. The treatment involves cleaning the pulp tissue from inside the crown and roots of the tooth with the goal of removing all tissue that is compromising the health of the tooth. Afterwards, a temporary filling will be placed in the opening until it can be replaced by a permanent filling.

Treating Traumatic Injuries to the Mouth with Endodontics in Irvine

No one plans for a traumatic injury to their mouth. That’s why Great Park Dental can provide emergency dental services in Irvine when such an injury does occur. Because injuries to the mouth can cause teeth to be pushed back into their sockets, your tooth will first need to be repositioned and stabilized for assessment. If the tooth’s pulp is not damaged, then no further treatment will be required; however, if the pulp has been damaged or becomes infected, additional treatment such as root canal therapy will be required.

Great Park Dental’s Promise to Our Patients in Irvine

The board-certified and caring staff at Great Park Dental strive to provide a friendly, comfortable, and professional environment to explain all treatment options to help restore your smile in Irvine. Make an appointment today to learn more.

Contact our dentists for endodontics treatment near you in Irvine as well as other locations including East Irvine, Orangetree, Oak Creek, Woodbridge, Cypress Village, Woodbury, Stonegate.

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