Dental Bridge: Four Type Which Fulfills Everyone Requirement

Dental Bridge: Four Type Which Fulfills Everyone Requirement

Do you have a missing tooth? If yes, then you are suffering from lots of problems and this not only includes your problem related to social life but also your personal one. These problems include lack of confidence, low self-esteem, mental pressure, health issues and lots of other problems. These problems look small but it can change a human being completely. You feel comfortable being introvert even though your personality is that of an extrovert. Ignoring this is not the solution to your problem but getting a dental bridge is.

A dental bridge helps you to fulfil the gap of missing teeth with the help of artificial teeth. They are made in such a way that people around you would not even be able to identify that you have an artificial tooth at the first look. It also works like natural teeth so you would not face any difficulty while eating food. A dental bridge has its own way to deal with the teeth problem and provide you with the best smile possible. Following you will find some of the types of dental bridges which solve all the problem related to teeth-.

Traditional Dental Bridge: In this method, the dentist bridges the gap with the help of other supporting teeth. A dental bridge can take the support of implant teeth or natural teeth and it provides the perfectly aligned teeth set. If you take care of your teeth such as cleaning them properly, maintaining hygiene, removing bacteria and other oral care then it would last for long. Dental bridges in Irvine are very comfortable, lightweight and provide you smoother chewing process as compared to missing teeth.

There is only one big problem with the traditional method- A dentist needs to remove enamel which is a major part of the teeth. They need to cut teeth from a different side and provide shape which allows the crown to be settled. Enamel is something which does not grow in itself. Once it is removed then you need support of crown for your entire lifetime.

Cantilever Bridge: When we talk about the Cantilever Bridge, it is very similar to the traditional bridge system. It provides a similar kind of support to the teeth as the traditional method does. The only thing which makes it different from traditional dental bridge is that it does not need support from both the sides to work like natural teeth.

Since it needs one side support so it might work like canti-liver. It provides you with a similar kind of strength and looks like a traditional dental bridge. Only one side of teeth enamel needs to be removed for getting the perfectly aligned teeth set.

Maryland Bridge: In this method, the dentist would not prod neighbouring teeth which means it would not make any changes in surrounded teeth and hence, you do not need to worry about the enamel of your natural teeth. In this method, teeth take support of “wings” which helps them to stay there for longer time. These wings are the metal frames which are fitted in-between teeth.

This is considered one of the best methods and most of the people prefer it because it is cost-effective and would not affect your natural teeth. One of the biggest problems with this method is that it has limited capacity to handle pressure because of which dentists use it only for the front teeth.

Implant Support Bridge: This is one of the famous methods which is used by many dentists for dental bridges in Irvine, CA. In this method, dentists use implant teeth as well as a dental bridge. The dentist takes the support of implant teeth and fills the gap with bridge system. It has no side-effect and hence, people prefer this. It is mainly used when more than one teeth are missing. During this process many implant teeth may need to do as per the condition of the patient’s remaining teeth.

The above- mentioned methods have their own way to deal with missing teeth and it also fulfils different people’s requirements in different ways. The decision is something which you need to take but you can search for ‘dental bridges near me’ or Great Park Dental, if you have any doubts regarding the same. Great Park Dental have experts who can guide you through each and every step you need to take.

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